The Waldhotel is located near the historically significant city of Sulzburg. Below is the history of the city and the hotel in chronological order.


Emperor Otto the Third gives the Sulzbach Valley to the Sulzburg St. Cyriak Monastery.


Sulzburg is first mentioned in a conferment certificate for its silver and lead mines.


The oldest German city arms depicting a mining operation identifies Sulzburg as a mining community.


First documented evidence of the Sulzburg springs appears in the book “Aller heilsamen Bäder und Brunnen der Natur” (All Healing Baths and Natural Springs) by Dr. Gallus Eschenreutter of Straßburg


First mention of a bath host in the history of the city of Sulzburg.
His name is Bernhard Münklin.


Matthäus Merian's copper engraving “Sulzburg” shows a cultivated, prosperous, walled small town. The beginning of the road into the Sulzbach Valley is clearly recognisable.


For the sum of 300 guilders, the City of Sulzburg sells the bathhouse with all rights to the honourable and humble Heinrich Keller from Bolzano in the Bern region.
The original pub license "Zum Bad Sulzburg"and the fishing rights and the grazing rights of the Sulzburg, Heitersheim, Dottingen and Seefelden municipal administrations apply on the property to this day.


The baths become the property of surgeon Franz Kleyling who married the widow of the first private owner Heinrich Keller.


Conrad Wild, councillor to the margrave of Emmendingen, visits the Sulzbad and reports about “truly miraculous cures”.


The composition of the Sulzburg spring water is examined for the first time.


For the sum of 5,000 guilders, Franz Keyling’s widow sells the property to the pastor Eisenlohr from Laufen who intended it for his sons. But the clergyman’s offspring exhibits no interest.


Pastor Eisenlohr sells the “rear bath” to the brickmaker Friedrich Dreyer for 4,600 guilders.


Dr. Karl Arnold Kortum, a doctor from Bochum, publishes his parodic epic poem “Leben, Meynungen und Taten von Hieronimus Kobs dem Kandidaten…” (Life, Opinions and Deeds of Hieronimus Kobs the Candidate…)
He lets the hero of his “Jobsiade” die as a night watchman in Sulzburg.

Around 1800

The current main house is constructed, most likely in response to a submission by the councillor to the margrave of Emmendingen.


Records indicate a lessee with the name of Monsch.


L. Grether is the owner. In 1907, this is also the name of the mayor of Sulzburg.


A comprehensive work about the grand duchy of Baden by a Mr. Heunisch mentions the “Waldkurhaus Bad Sulzburg” with 24 guest rooms and 12 baths.


Sulzburg postal worker L. Kallenbach is identified as the owner.


Charles Hyazinth Frantzen is the owner.


The book “Die Kurorte und Heilquellen des Großherzogtums Baden…” (The Health Resorts and Healing Springs of the Grand Duchy of Baden) by Dr. H. Oeffinger praises the Sulzburg thermae, the Waldkurhaus and its surroundings.


The last private owner is Emil Hirtler, innkeeper in Freiburg.


The “Landesverband badischer Gewerbe- und Handwerkervereinigungen”, Rastatt (National Association of Baden Commercial and Trade Unions) acquires the property for 75,000 gold marks.


Founding of the insurance company “Signal Iduna Krankenversicherung AG” in Dortmund, owner of the property since 1932.


Grand opening of the “Friedrichshort” convalescent home for tradespeople dedicated to the grand duke Friedrich von Baden on his 80th birthday.


Construction of an on-site power generating plant powered by water from the Sulzbach.


Director of administration Kohm is manager of the facility until 1929.


Demolition of the building across from the spa hotel and addition of the current banquet hall, installation of running water and electric air conditioners in the guest rooms, and construction of a bowling alley.


The property is sold to the insurance body of the “Landesverband badischer Gewerbe- und Handwerkervereinigungen” (National Association of Baden Commercial and Trade Unions) in Heidelberg. The former name “Waldkurhaus Bad Sulzburg” is reinstated.


Merger of the Heidelberg insurance body with Signal Krankenversicherung AG in Dortmund.


The facility is temporarily managed by a Ms. L. Dietz.It is subsequently managed by the Dienger couple from Freiburg.


The casing of the Sulzburg spring is replaced in keeping with contemporary hygiene standards.


The Stamberg couple assumes management of the facility.


The imperial government seizes the property. It now serves as a national children's camp for the national socialist welfare system.


French occupying forces seize the facility. Purpose: Transit camp for war refugees.


Liberalisation of the facility and complete renovation.Reopening on August 12, 1950. Managed by the Dietrich couple.


Managed by the Daniels couple and regional manager Ernst Pollmann effective 01/11/1951.


Effective 01/11/1952, the property is taken over by the couple Walter and Grete Eysel as lessees.


The facility is connected to the public electricity supply network.


Addition of a heated outdoor pool, comprehensive renovations and new interior furnishings for the guest rooms.


The executive board of Signal Krankenversicherung AG launches an annual retreat in Sulzburg. Business planning is on the agenda at these “Sulzburg Talks”.


Effective 01/03/1973, the couple Friede and Marianne Schweikert become lessees.


The Amori couple takes over the property on 01/07/1974.


Topping-out ceremony for the guesthouse.


Inauguration of the redesigned Bad Sulzburg hotel on 23/11/1979.


Establishment of a fish pond.


Renovation of guest rooms in the main house along with construction of a veranda with fountain outside the grand duke’s room and the “Zirbelstube”.


The Amori couple retires after more than 25 successful years.


The Weber couple takes over the Waldhotel Bad Sulzburg as lessees of the Signal-Iduna Group.

May 2000 – September 2000

Complete renovation of the entire facility.


Reopening of the Waldhotel Bad Sulzburg.



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